First thoughts . . .

Those of us seeking to root our life journey in a particular spirituality – some spiritual practice that can guide us and give our life meaning, inevitably discover that there is a wide range of spiritual paths to choose from. Today, it is not unusual for members of a religious tradition to explore others as well. For example, there are Christians who attend yoga classes or do some form of Buddhist meditation. Moreover, there are spiritualities practiced by those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious; yoga again would be good example.

In this blog I will explore this spiritual landscape, viewing it as full of potential creativity for new forms of spiritual practice in general and Christian spirituality in particular. Theologies, visual and performing arts, literature, media all offer suggestive hints of where we might be going. The matrix for my reflections will be the writings of Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry, two Catholic priests whose ideas about humanity’s spiritual evolution provide a great starting point for my own thoughts. I have found them particularly valuable because they care deeply about the vital role played by the earth and nature in humanity’s spiritual well-being. And climate change has made many of us aware of how important the natural world is to our inner as well as outer lives.

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2 Responses to First thoughts . . .

  1. cjreinhart says:

    I love what you have written above. It exactly expresses what I think and feel about the field of spirituality. I did my MA in Christian Spirituality at Heythrop and then My Doctorate in Professional Studies with the National Center for Work Based Learning, Middx University (developing a spirituality praxis within a multidisciplinary organization) ie 4 years of Participative Action Research within the organization/charity which I was part of founding. I am excited to be able to connect with someone who seems to think in a similar way to me. I published a book in 2013 with John Hunt Publishing in the UK – called “A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality”. I now live in Canada and it is so different than the UK or USA with regard to even thinking about the word “spirituality” or courses or degrees or organizations who are interested. Amazing.


    • jonasvb says:

      Carolyn, thank you for your generous comment. It’s certainly a hard, complicated, but ultimately fascinating time to be exploring spirituality. I hope to keep the blog interesting and helpful for its followers. And thank you for alerting me to your book. Wishing you all the best, Jonas


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